About The Polytechnic

The concept of the Ibeku Polytechnic was construed prior to the year 2005. In 2006 consultation of the stakeholders was made and final agreement reached in2007 for the establishment of the Polytechnic.
The actual establishment process took effect in 2013 following the Federal Government approval of the Polytechnic.
The Polytechnic aim to stand a gap between academics, technical and professional programs and qualifications, more details are contained in its objectives.

Our Mission Statement
The mission of the Polytechnic is to increase professional and technical understanding of modern finance, management and related subjects by advance research for the development of Nigeria and Africa.

The Objectives of Ibeku Polytechnics
To provide state of the Art Certificates, Diploma, National Higher National Diploma and professional Education
To operate as a National Diploma & Higher National Diploma awarding Tertiary institution.
To promote and develop the science of Business, management, Engineering and Technical Education.
To carry out Educational programs and thereby provide Tuitions formal and non-formal educational programs for the promotion of literacy and high skill and character development both collaboration with the Government and with other agencies that has similar objectives.
To mobilize funds, promote or undertake such other activities, which in the opinion of the polytechnic are necessary or expedient for the purposes of achieving the objects of the organization.
To raise leader for Nigeria and the world at large , who are complete in body, mind and spirit, thus contributing to the production of high level leadership and quality manpower for the nation and the world.
To train and produce distinguished and high performance in interdisciplinary Researchers, professionals and academics as well as Entrepreneurs, who will be effective apostles of quality and excellent service delivery.